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Nasty Men/Freaky Young Women

Are you a FREAKY young photographer who has a new that wants sexy nude pictures of an older male model who, you find out during the shoot really turns you on and are now finding that you want to explore his body with more than just your camera lens?

Are You a NASTY older professor who is tempted and teased by that Freaky younger student that keeps coming to class wearing those sexy short skirts, tight fitting tops, sexy strappy sandals…the one who keeps letting you catch a peek of the fact that she almost never is wearing panties? Isn’t it time you called her down to your office for disciplinary action? Maybe as a punishment, she needs to be asked to reveal every naughty fantasy she has had about you. Perhaps you can teach her how to satisfy a man and if she gets the lesson wrong..…she just may get a spanking.

Are you a FREAKY young nurse who finds that NASTY older man who was admitted to the hospital yesterday is so very attractive that you want nothing more than to handle every one of his needs and send him on the way to recovery? Are you a NASTY older doctor who watched that FREAKY young nurse and wishes you could have her sneak into one of the cleaning closets with him for an afternoon quickie…or maybe even more?

Are you that NASTY older policeman who just pulled over that sweet young FREAKY woman who was speeding down the highway? Are you that FREAKY young woman who would do anything to get out of that very expensive ticket?

Are you a NASTY older male who is in need of a FREAKY younger woman to come into your home and do some light cleaning to help you out? Are you that FREAKY younger woman who finds him attractive, wears the skimpiest, see through clothing you can wear to his house each time, to try and seduce him?

Are you that FREAKY young housewife who has that NASTY older electrician, plumber, cable repairman, or pizza delivery man coming to your house and you want nothing more than for him to service you all day long while your husband is at work?

Or are you a NASTY older man, or a FREAKY younger woman who wants nothing more than to be loved, cuddled, and have stimulating intelligent conversation mixed in with some sensual romantic lovemaking?

Nasty Men/Freaky Young Women is a role-play group that focuses on older men and Younger women role-playing in almost any type of scenario and environment.

Place a post on the boards and tell the group members a little about yourself and what kind of role play you like. Also, take the time to read the rules, please. Thank you.

Topic(s): Aging/Age Differences
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