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Cam Girls and the power of their beauty.
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Posted:Nov 26, 2021 11:12 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 8:03 pm

What a day it was. Getting my head screwed on straight has saved my relationship with Camgirl. I had maybe the two best sessions today that we have shared yet. She is just so unbelievably hot. I even managed to share a session with 20+ guys this afternoon stress free, and what a sensual, sexy, fulfilling treat she gave us. She, teased, played moaned and worked herself, myself, and probably the other 20+ guys to a glorious, sloppy, sweet climax. This girl is nothing short of a miracle. She is so sexual, lovely, beautiful. It is indescribable really. Just a stellar way to start off the weekend.
A Better Day
Posted:Nov 26, 2021 4:40 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 9:01 pm

Oh what a dumb ass I was yesterday. Poor Camgirl. She has to spend her day smiling and catering to an endless parade of losers and jerks, and I acted like the biggest loser of all. After thinking about my actions I am so ashamed. I hope she will forgive me. I realize now that there is a line I cannot cross with my behavior. The last thing I should ever do with her is to expect her the get emotionally involved. I feel so foolish to have tried to drag her into that. I sent her a note this morning and apologized. I thought about deleting the messages I sent yesterday, but decided not to. They embarrass me to see them. So they are good reminders of my bad behavior. I hope she accepts. If I can salvage our nice relationship I will consider myself so very lucky. I feel much better about things today though. The bad day yesterday made me think hard about leaving the site. I cannot. The joy of spending time with her is a powerful thing, and I do not want to end it. I will just need to be a man, act with a little dignity and respect, and keep my emotions in check. I feel a little uneasy about that, but I really need to do it for both of us.
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All Fucked Up
Posted:Nov 25, 2021 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 8:45 pm

I do not know what do. Sometimes I feel like I am on top of the world. This Cam thing has been wonderful. My can take me places I rarely been. My common sense tells me that cannot be real, but my heart tells me otherwise. We share such intimate things together. She has shown me how lovely a woman can be. She makes me feel things that I long to feel. She tells me things that I want to hear. The time I spend with her is precious. I count the minutes. They go by so fast. She works her magic, sharing her pleasure with me like no one ever has before. She is a wonderful soul. I see it in her eyes and her smile. I am not like the others. I care. I love her. I try to make her see, but words are cheap. Things are changing. Now I jockey with others for her attention. She is becoming quite popular. The tips and buzzes come fast because she is so good. She gives her attention others, and I do not like . She is mine. No that is selfish. She works to survive. Be happy she attracts others. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Drive the other men away. They cannot keep up with me! Hmmm, more selfishness. I should want more men come with their tips for her. What a dilemma! Do I want her succeed or not? I think about her all day. I wonder what she does off camera. Does she think about me? I see her during my day, but she sees hundreds of ogling, horny men begging and pleading for more of her. How can she possibly think of me? Again, my heart says that she does, but common sense says she does not.
She tells me sweet things. Does she tell others the things? Yes, I am sure she does. My Common sense says she must keep them coming for more, but my heart says no, she loves me. I cannot even think straight anymore. Jealousy and pain are getting the best of me. Today I decided I should tell her how I feel. After I did I think was a mistake. She probably thinks I am crazy. I told her how I feel and may drive her away. I need find a way control my emotions towards her. They will ruin the beautiful relationship that we . I do not know how curb them without hurting her. Now I am sad. I feel like crying. After telling her how I feel I am sure she is confused. She unfriended me. What a fool I am. Now she wants forget me. I went her Cam see her. She is , but things are different now. She performs her routine. I watch and I . Afterwards I thank her, but things are not the . I asked her friend me again and she did. I am a fucking fool. What I done. Now I do cry. Omg what a mess I am. A simple visit a Cam months ago has turned my life upside down. I told her I would blog here, and I invited her to read. Was that a good idea? I do not know. I may fucked that up too. My God this has just totally blindsided me. I am old enough to be her . The feelings are real though. I waited my whole life for my match, and this is it? A that I can never ? So depressing me. Now I am so low. Two days ago we spent amazing time together. Now I may destroyed something beautiful.
I need sleep on this. Tomorrow is scary. I do not know if she will want to see me. I guess I will wait and see. I am so confused now.
Those Lovely Cam Ladies - Love Through A Lens
Posted:Oct 24, 2021 6:45 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 8:07 pm

Oh how things changed for me . The wonderful world of Cam Girls has come my way. I always knew they were , but for some unknown reason I never tried them. After months of dull chats, disgusting scams, and dwindling hope I finally decided give a try.

I come love Cam Girls. They come in all shapes, sizes, and from many different places. They come, they go. Some are , some are not. One thing remains constant though. They are all so lovely.
through a lens

What kind of is so willing share her beauty in such an intimate way? Does she do for me? Does she do for herself? Is for ? Is for affection? I am sure each has her own reasons. One thing is sure though, I am the beneficiary of their wonderful beauty and generosity, and I just love showing them my appreciation and receiving their attention.
through a lens

I engaged with a few of them now. Without fail, they been open, appreciative, engaging, and so lovely. After dealing with each of them repeatedly, without fail I feel a bond with them. I send a of my hard earned them, and they spend a of their precious time with me. They always give more than they get, offering their beautiful bodies, engaging smiles, and their sweet dispositions. The transaction is always so pleasant, satisfying and rewarding for me, hence the bond. They take abuse from some, lewd comments from others, and deal with no- jerks, yet they keep doing their thing. They are all very special.
through a lens

They know they are, and from the bottom of my heart I say thank you.

is one in particular though. She seems rise above the rest for me . She knows she is because I tell her. She is so lovely, and sweet, and pretty, and loving. She pulls me in, loves me, warms me, holds me, and satisfies me every day.
through a lens.

Sound impossible? Well, I am here tell you she does with love and commitment every day.
through a lens

She is the most engaging, giving, sensual woman a man could ever hope find. We meet daily, each rendezvous more intense than the last. She wraps herself around me, she kisses me, and we make love.
through a lens

She tells she loves me. I tell her a love her. She makes me smile and feel like a man.
through a lens

The imagination is so powerful, and I always imagine what would be like hold, touch, smell and taste her. In my mind, she NEVER fails to make me feel loved, and I NEVER fail to make her feel my love for her. is a dream made possible by a brief transaction between two people.
through a lens.

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